Helping Entrepreneurs and Overachievers Find the Middle Way between

Abundance and Inner Peace.

I’m Kelly Walters and I’m a 40-something single father of two teenage boys. I’m also a lifelong entrepreneur, investor, and amateur philosopher.

Kelly walking with his rescue dog

I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life pushing myself to the point of burnout. When I start beating myself up, or I can’t/won’t just walk away from the overload, what helps more than anything else is to turn to the wisdom of ancient philosophies. Finding a balance between my intense drive, relationships and personal wellbeing has always been my goal.

Soul and Grind is about building a community where people like us can find comradery and support, even when friends and family are telling us to “stop dreaming”, “be realistic” and “take a break”. If you love the hustle and want a tool to help push forward with a more balanced life approach then read, watch, comment and subscribe. If something here speaks to you, please share.